Corporate Reports
Corporate Reports

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Company Name: Magnetics International Ltd.
Note: Quebec Smelting & Refining Ltd. was incorporated in Quebec in 1947. The company’s name changed to Consolidated Quebec Smelting & Refining Ltd. in 1965. The name changed to Magnetics International Ltd. in 1968. The name changed to Mavtech Holdings Inc. in 1987. The company amalgamated with Ingram & Bell Acquisition Inc., a private co., in 1990.
Incorporated: 1947
197319751977 (4.1MB)1978 (7MB)
1979 (6.4MB)1980 (5.4MB)1981 (6.8MB)1982 (7.8MB)
1983 (6.4MB)1984 (7.9MB)1985 (15.4MB)1986 (9.6MB)
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