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Corporate Reports

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Company Name: Kerr Addison Mines Limited
Note: Kerr-Addison Gold Mines Ltd. was incorporated in Ontario in 1936. The company merged with Anglo-Huronian Ltd. and Bouzan Mines Ltd. to form Kerr Addison Mines Limited in 1963. Kerr Addison Mines Limited was acquired by Noranda Inc. in 1996.
Incorporated: 1936
SEDAR: Current reports for this company are available in SEDAR
Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Kerr-Addison Gold Mines Ltd. merged to form Kerr Addison Mines Limited, 1963 
Succeeded by: Kerr Addison Mines Limited was acquired by Noranda Inc., 1996 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 0612 Copper and Copper-Zinc Mines
0611 Gold Mines
0614 Silver-Lead-Zinc Mines
1937 (5.3MB)1938 (11.6MB)1939 (4.2MB)1940 (4.6MB)
1941 (2.9MB)1943 (2.9MB)1944 (3MB)1945 (3MB)
1946 (3.5MB)1947 (3.3MB)1948 (6.8MB)1949 (6.5MB)
1963 (10.4MB)1964 (6.9MB)1965 (10.9MB)1966
1975197619771978 (14.3MB)
1979 (12.8MB)1980 (11.8MB)1981 (12.3MB)1982 (11.2MB)
1983 (11.2MB)1984 (12.9MB)1985 (9.5MB)1986 (15.4MB)
1987 (11.3MB)1988 (16.8MB)1989 (13.9MB)1990 (12.9MB)
1991 (13.9MB)
See Also: Kerr-Addison Gold Mines Ltd.
Noranda Inc.
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