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Corporate Reports

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Company Name: John Labatt Limited
Note: John Labatt Limited was incorporated in Canada in 1930. John Labatt Limited was acquired by 3150216 Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Interbrew S.A. of Belgium, in 1995.
Incorporated: 1930
Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Lake of the Woods Milling Company Ltd. was aquired by John Labatt Limited, 1968 
Preceded by: Dominion Dairies Limited was acquired by John Labatt Limited, 1981 
Preceded by: Laura Secord Candy Shops Limited was acquired by John Labatt Limited, 1975 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 1131 Brewery Products Industry
1945 (5.9MB)1946 (9.2MB)1947 (7.5MB)1948 (9.7MB)
1949 (7.3MB)1950 (6.8MB)1951 (3.2MB)1952 (3.2MB)
1953 (3.5MB)1954 (3.7MB)1955 (3.8MB)1956 (3.4MB)
1957 (3.6MB)1958 (4.8MB)1959 (6.4MB)1960 (6.2MB)
1961 (8.9MB)1962 (14.2MB)1963 (10.7MB)1964
197319741975 (33.9MB)1976 (29MB)
1977 (27.6MB)1978 (33.8MB)1979 (38.8MB)1980 (15MB)
1981 (15.1MB)1982 (17.6MB)1983 (27.8MB)1984 (14.5MB)
1985 (21.4MB)1986 (19.1MB)1987 (21.7MB)1988 (17MB)
1989 (16.6MB)1990 (20.3MB)1991 (27.2MB)1992 (28.4MB)
1993 (24.2MB)1994 (24.9MB)
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