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Company Name: J. M. Schneider, Limited
Note: J. M. Schneider, Limited was incorporated in Ontario in 1930. The company’s name changed to Schneider Corporation in 1975. Schneider Corporation amalgamated with its subsidiary, J. M. Schneider Inc., to form J. M. Schneider Inc. in 1978. The company’s name changed to The Heritage Group Inc. in 1980. The name changed to Schneider Corporation in 1986. In 2001, the company was acquired by 2004171 Ontario Inc., a subsidiary of Virginia-based Smithfield Foods, Inc.
Incorporated: 1930
SEDAR: Current reports for this company are available in SEDAR
Historic Entries:
Succeeded by: J. M. Schneider, Limited changed its name to Schneider Corporation in 1975, and Heritage Group Inc., 1980 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 1011 Meat and Meat Products Industry (Except Poultry)
1968 (5MB)1969 (9.1MB)1970 (4.6MB)1971 (5.3MB)
1972 (5.8MB)1973 (11MB)1974 (6.9MB)1975
1978 (10.8MB)1979 (7.4MB)
See Also: Heritage Group Inc.
Schneider Corporation
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