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Company Name: Industrial Acceptance Corporation Ltd.
Note: Industrial Acceptance Corporation Ltd. was incorporated in Canada in 1925. The company’s name changed to IAC Limited in 1970. The company amalgamated with its subsidiary, Continental Bank of Canada, in 1981 and changed its name to Continental Bank of Canada. The company’s name changed to CBOC Continental Inc. in 1996. The name changed to Coastal Group Inc. in 2001. The name changed to Continental (CBOC) Corporation in 2002. Continental (CBOC) Corporation’s name changed to Stonington Capital Corporation in 2004.
Incorporated: 1925
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Historic Entries:
Succeeded by: Industrial Acceptance Corporation Ltd. changed its name to IAC Limited, 1970 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 7299 Other Investment Intermediaries n.e.c.
7129 Other Business Financing Companies
1948 (4MB)1949 (7.7MB)19501951
See Also: IAC Limited
Continental Bank of Canada
CBOC Continental Inc.
Coastal Group Inc.
Continental (CBOC) Corporation
Stonington Capital Corporation
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