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Company Name: Gulf Canada Resources Limited
Note: The British American Oil Company Limited was incorporated in Canada in 1909. The company changed its name to Gulf Oil Canada Limited in 1969. In 1978, the company changed its name to Gulf Canada Limited. In 1986, the company again changed its name, this time to Gulf Canada Corporation. The following year, the company changed its name to Gulf Canada Resources Limited, under terms of a reorganization plan. All ordinary shares were acquired by Conoco Northern Inc., an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Texas-based Conoco Inc., in 2001. The company subsequently changed its name to Conoco Canada Resources Limited in 2001.
Incorporated: 1909
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Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Gulf Canada Limited changed its name to Gulf Canada Corporation in 1986, and then Gulf Canada Resources Limited, 1987 
1995199619992000 (35.2MB)
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Gulf Canada Limited
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