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Corporate Reports

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Company Name: Daon Development Corporation
Note: Dawson Developments Ltd. was incorporated in British Columbia in 1964. The company changed its name to Daon Development Corporation in 1973, and BCE Development Corporation in 1986. The company would subsequently change its name to BF Realty Holdings Limited in 1991.
Incorporated: 1964
Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Dawson Developments Ltd. changed its name to Daon Development Corporation, 1973 
Succeeded by: Daon Development Corporation changed its name to BCE Development Corporation, 1986 
19731974 (9.8MB)19751976
19771978 (19MB)1979 (29.3MB)1980 (23.5MB)
1981 (30.6MB)1982 (5.5MB)1983 (10.1MB)1984 (12.4MB)
See Also: BF Realty Holdings Limited
BCE Development Corporation
Dawson Developments Ltd.
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