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Company Name: C-I Credit Corp. Limited
Note: C-I Credit Corp. Limited was incorporated in Ontario in 1962. The company’s name changed to Realty Capital Corp., Limited in 1969. The company’s name changed to Federal Trustco Inc. in 1979. The name changed to RealCap Holdings Limited in 1980.
Incorporated: 1962
SEDAR: Current reports for this company are available in SEDAR
Historic Entries:
Succeeded by: C-I Credit Corp. Limited The company changed its name to Realty Capital Corp. Limited, 1969 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 0711 Conventional Crude Oil and Natural Gas Industry
7299 Other Investment Intermediaries n.e.c.
7214 Investment Companies
See Also: Federal Trustco Inc.
Realty Capital Corp. Limited
RealCap Holdings Limited
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