Corporate Reports
Corporate Reports

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Company Name: Bankeno Mines Limited
Note: Incorporated in Ontario in 1944 as Ansley Gold Mines Ltd., the copmany's name changed to Consolidated Ansley Gold Mines Ltd. in 1949. The company was succeeded by Ankeno Mines Ltd. in 1950 and then changed its name to Bankeno Mines Limited in 1955.
Incorporated: 1944
1972 (3.9MB)1973 (4.4MB)19741975 (2.9MB)
1976 (3.5MB)1977 (2.7MB)1978 (3.7MB)1979 (11.6MB)
1980 (5.3MB)1981 (9.9MB)1982 (15MB)1983 (29.4MB)
1984 (4.1MB)
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