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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
1990Mikhelson, LeoKalevala : folks epos fun di Finen Full Record
1530Mikhtom, BentyeA bletl in vint : poeme Full Record
1979Milberger, MikhalDer kuperner rayter Full Record
See: Silverman-Miler, IditMiler, Idit Silverman-  
See: Ratner-Mirski, YoysefMirski, Yoysef Ratner-  
1090Mitler, J.Di velt in flamen : poema Full Record
586Morgeynshtern, H.Gezang un gebet Full Record
322Moskovits, Anute FidererLider fun a polit Full Record
161Moyzis, D.Vagabundyade Full Record
1900Munaker, Y.Tsu der groyser velt Full Record
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