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Entry NoNameTitleLink to full record
1959Maud, ZuniIn a vinterdige nakht Full Record
2219Maud, ZuniLines Full Record
392Mazl, FeniA Yid fun Lublin Full Record
1187Mergaszylski, L.Trit in der nakht Full Record
2141Merin, BoruchIn shpigl fun nekhtn : zikhroynes Full Record
671Merzer, AriaToy fun shtilkayt : lider, 1946-1950 Full Record
762Merzer, AriaMayn heym Full Record
978Merzer, AriaA tog in Regensburg un Eliyohu Boher Full Record
2108Merzer, AriaYidishe kep Full Record
832Mikhalovitsh, E.Lamtern in vint : lid un balad`e Full Record
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