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1404Symchowicz, S.Azoy is a yugnt fargangen Full Record
See: Czarnezon-Szajak, G.Szajak, G. Czarnezon-  
1407Szajewicz, Simhah BunamLekh-lekho Full Record
1408Szefner, BoruchAndersh Full Record
2135Szefner, BoruchNovolipye zibn : zikhroynes un eseyen Full Record
1409Szmulowicz, ElimelechOyf vegn Full Record
1410Sznaper, BerBlo`e verter : lider Full Record
1411Sznaper, BerMayseh un lid Full Record
1412Sznaper, BerMayn shtot : un andere lider Full Record
1413Sznaper, BerOpshoym Full Record
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