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1943Glanz, FanyeDer getrayer emes Full Record
See: Leyeless, A.Glanz-Leyeles, Aaron.  
378Glasman, BaruchBaginen : novelen Full Record
379Glasman, BaruchFananderfal Full Record
380Glasman, BaruchIn goldenem zump : novele in tsvey teyln Full Record
381Glasman, BaruchOyf a hor : noveln Full Record
382Glasman, BaruchBorekh Glazman : a monografye mit a bibliografye fun zayne verk Full Record
377Glasser-Andrews, EdithIn halb-shoten Full Record
383Glatstein, JacobYankev Glatshteyn Full Record
384Glatstein, JacobFraye ferzn Full Record
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