Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 33 Number 4

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Foreword. K. Babcock and J. Barica. Page 453

Environmental Situation in the Lower Dnipro River Basin. O.G. Vasenko. Page 457

Chemical Contaminants in Fish and Sediment Core Samples from the Dnipro River, Ukraine, 1994. W.L. Lockhart, D.C.G. Muir, P. Wilkinson, A. Yarechewski and B.N. Billeck. Page 489

Lessons Learned from the Environmental Management Development in Ukraine Project. J.-H. Guilmette. Page 511

Analysis of the British Columbia Water Quality Index for Watershed Managers: a Case Study of Two Small Watersheds. P.A. Zandbergen and K.J. Hall. Page 519

Volatile Fatty Acids Production by Anaerobic Whey Permeate Biodegradation in a Continuous Bioreactor. N. Imbeault, M. Paquet and R. Côté. Page 551

Effects of Salinity on Physical Characteristics of Activated Sludge Flocs. C.P. Cousin and J.J. Ganczarczyk. Page 565

Effect of Filter Media Particle Size Distribution on Filtration Efficiency. F. Amini and H.V. Truong. Page 589

Trace Metal Levels in Benthic Biota from Four Tributaries to the St. Lawrence River, Quebec. C.B. Renaud, H.K.T. Wong and J.L. Metcalfe-Smith. Page 595

Erratum. Temporal Variability of the Water Quality of Saline Lakes from the Soan-Sakesar Valley, Salt Range, Pakistan. Shahzad Azfal, Mohammad Younas and Karamat Ali. Page 611

Canadian Association on Water Quality Student Awards. Page ix

Volume 33 Referees. Page x