Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 33 Number 2

Next Issue: Vol. 33, No. 3, (1998)

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Review of Biodegradability Tests for the Purpose of Developing Regulations. Klaus L.E. Kaiser. Page 185

Review of Bioconcentration, Bioaccumulation and Kow Techniques. B. Kent Burnison. Page 213

Alkylphenol Polyethoxylate Metabolites in Canadian Sewage Treatment Plant Waste Streams. D.T. Bennie, C.A. Sullivan, H.-B. Lee and R.J. Maguire. Page 231

Investigating the Adequacy of Selected Micro-Scale Bioassays to Predict the Toxic Potential of Freshwater Sediments through a Tier Process. Chantale Côté, Christian Blaise, Julie Schroeder, Mélanie Douville and Jean-René Michaud. Page 253

Determination of Haloacetic Acids from Aqueous Samples Collected from the Canadian Environment Using an In Situ Derivatization Technique. Brian F. Scott and Mehran Alaee. Page 279

An Evaluation of the Use of Soil and Sediment Bioassays in the Assessment of Three Contaminated Sites in Atlantic Canada. J.A. Carter, R.E. Mroz, K.L. Tay and K.G. Doe. Page 295

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in a Subsurface-Flow Reed Bed. Garba Laouali, Jacques Brisson, Linda Dumont and Gilles Vincent. Page 319

Temporal Variability of the Water Quality of Saline Lakes from the Soan-Sakesar Valley, Salt Range, Pakistan. Shahzad Afzal, Mohammad Younas and Karamat Ali. Page 331