Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 32 Number 1

Next Issue: Vol. 32, No. 2, (1997)

Previous Issue: Vol. 31, No. 4, (1996)

Foreword: Stormwater Management and Abatement of Combined Sewer Overflow Pollution. J. Marsalek and S. Kok. Page 1

Toxic Contaminant Loadings from Municipal Sources in Ontario Areas of Concern. H.O. Schroeter. Page 7

Source Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Street and Creek Sediments. M. Sharma, E.A. McBean and J. Marsale. Page 23

A Planning Tool for Stormwater Quality Management in Urbanized Areas: the City of Scarborough Case Study. J. Li, D. Weatherbe, D. Mack-Mumford and M. D'Andrea. Page 37

Flow Pattern Characterization in an Urban Stormwater Detention Pond and Implications for Water Quality. J.K.E. Shaw, W.E. Watt, J. Marsalek, B.C. Anderson and A.A. Crowder. Page 53

Extending Retention Times in a Stormwater Pond with Retrofitted Baffles. R.R. Matthews, W.E. Watt, J. Marsalek, A.A. Crowder and B.C. Anderson. Page 73

Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Sediments from a Stormwater Management Pond. J. Marsalek, W.E. Watt, B.C. Anderson and C. Jaskot. Page 89

Field-Scale Studies of Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands for Stormwater Quality Enhancement. Q.J. Rochfort, B.C. Anderson, A.A. Crowder, J. Marsalek and W.E. Watt. Page 101

Design and Operation of an Aerobic Biological Filter for the Treatment of Urban Stormwater Runoff. B.C. Anderson, R.J. Caldwell, A.A. Crowder, J. Marsalek and W.E. Watt. Page 119

Modelling, Design and Optimization of a Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment System. B. Gall, D. Averill and D. Weatherbe. Page 139

Real-Time Control of Combined Sewer Overflows in Hamilton-Wentworth Region. M. Stirrup, Z. Vitasovic and E. Strand. Page 155

Pilot-Scale Study of Satellite Treatment Options for the Control of Combined Sewer Overflows. J. Schmidt, P. Seto and D. Averill. Page 169

Vortex Separation Technology. Richard Field, David Averill, Thomas P. O'Connor and Paula Steel. Page 185

Evaluation of a Combined Sewer Overflow Tank Cleaning System in the City of Sarnia. Mario Parente and Kenneth E. Stevens. Page 215