Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 31 Number 4

Next Issue: Vol. 32, No. 1, (1997)

Previous Issue: Vol. 31, No. 3, (1996)

Toxicity of Halifax Harbour Sediments: an Evaluation of the Microtox® Solid-Phase Test. N.H. Cook and P.G. Wells. Page 673

Effects of Sampling Technique on the Determination of Major and Trace Elements on Sediment Pore Water. J.M. Azcue and F. Rosa. Page 709

Risk Assessment of Copper-Contaminated Sediments in the Tsolum River Near Courtenay, British Columbia. J. Deniseger and Y.T.J. Kwong. Page 725

Feasibility of Using Magnetic Properties for Assessment of Particle-Associated Contaminated Transport. T. Mayer, W.A. Morris and K.J. Versteeg. Page 741

Evaluation of Potential Contamination of Groundwater Following Liquid Manure Application on Grassland in Newfoundland, Canada. P. Morin, P.A. Ivany and G. Bishop. Page 753

Minimizing Combined Sewer Overflows in Real-Time Control Applications. M. Pleau, F. Methot, A. Lebrun and H. Colas. Page 775

Aerated Stabilization Basin Floc Size Treatment Application. M. Palmer and L. Burelle. Page 787

Effect of Filter Thickness on Efficiency of Sand Filter Water Quality Structure. F. Amini. Page 801

Fluorides in Wastewater Discharges: Toxic Challenges to the St. Lawrence River Biological Community. P. Wallis, R. Gehr and P. Anderson. Page 809

Laboratory and Field Trial Evaluation of Three Methods to Detect Giardia in Drinking Water. D. Hay, I. Khan, L. Lewis and J.L. Isaac-Renton. Page 839

Total Mercury and Methylmercury Contents of Insects from Boreal Lakes: Ecological, Spatial and Temporal Patterns. A. Tremblay, M. Lucotte, M. Meili, L. Cloutier and P. Pichet. Page 851

A Species Tolerance Index for Maximum Water Temperature. G.A. Wichert and P. Lin. Page 875