Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 31 Number 3

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Pilot-Scale Demonstration of DARAMEND Enhanced Bioremediation of Sediment Contaminated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Hamilton Harbour. Paul Bucens, Alan Seech and Igor Marvan. Page 433

Implementation of Hamilton-Wentworth Region's Pollution Control Plan. M. Stirrup. Page 453

Water Quality Trends in Hamilton Harbour: 1987 to 1995. Murray N. Charlton and Robin Le Sage. Page 473

Potential Contribution of Nutrients and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from the Creeks of Cootes Paradise Marsh. Patricia Chow-Fraser, Barb Crosbie, Douglas Bryant and Brian McCarry. Page 485

Zonation of Contaminated Bottom Sediments in Hamilton Harbour as Defined by Statistical Classification Techniques. Donald J. Poulton, William A. Morris, John P. Coakley. Page 505

Surficial Sediments of Hamilton Harbour: Physical Properties and Basin Morphology. N.A. Rukavina and J.K. Versteeg. Page 529

Factors Influencing the Light Environment in Cootes Paradise, Hamilton Harbour, and Other Coastal Marshes of Lake Ontario. Eric P.S. Sager. Page 553

Chemical Equilibrium Data Bases and Tools for Calculating Zinc Sulfide Geochemistry in Freshwater Sediments and its Toxicity. J.A. McMahon and W.J. Snodgrass. Page 577

Loadings of PCBs and PAHs from Hamilton Harbour to Lake Ontario. M.E. Fox, R.M. Khan and P.A. Thiessen. Page 593

Data Animator - Software that Visualizes Data as Computer-Generated Animation on Personal Computers: an Application to Hamilton Harbour. Efraim Halfon. Page 609

Loadings, Dynamics and Response Time of Seven Metals in Hamilton Harbour: Results of a Mass Balance Study. Miriam Diamond and Helen W. Ling-Lamprecht. Page 623

Burlington Bay, Lake Ontario: Its Paleolimnology Based on Fossil Ostracodes. L. Denis Delorme. Page 643