Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 31 Number 2

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A Tier-Testing Strategy for Managing Programs of Environmental Effects Monitoring. P.V. Hodson, K.R. Munkittrick, R. Stevens and A. Colodey. Page 215

Valorisation des eaux de drainage minier acide pour la déphosphatation des eaux usées municipales. C. Bouchard, J.-B. Sérodes et P. Gélinas. Page 225

Étude préliminaire sur l'utilisation d'essais biochimiques pour le suivi opérationnel d'une unité de biofiltration. Y. Le Bihan, P.Lessard et M.C. Lavoic. Page 241

Pilot Studies and Assessment of Downstream Effects of UV and Ozone Disinfection of a Physicochemical Wastewater. R. Gehr and J. Nicell. Page 263

Respirometric Evaluation of Comparative Biodegradability of Municipal and Petroleum Refinery Wastewaters. V. Mahendraker and T. Viraraghavan. Page 283

Release of Organic Carbon, Kjeldhal Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus from Flooded Vegetation. K.A. Morrrison and N. Thérien. Page 305

Biosorption of Chromium by Canola Meal. S. Al-Asheh and Z. Duvnjak. Page 319

Effects of Organic Suspended Solids on Biofilm Performance. W.M. Zahid and J.J. Ganczarczyk. Page 329

Determination of Benzothiazole and Alkylphosphates in Water Samples from the Great Lakes Drainage Basin by Gas Chromatography/Atomic Emission Detection. B.F. Scott, E. Sverko and R.J. Maguire. Page 341

Oxygen Requirements of Fishes in Northern Alberta Rivers with a General Review of the Adverse Effects of Low Dissolved Oxygen. B.A. Barton and B.R. Taylor. Page 361

Zebra Mussels as Biomonitors for Organic Contaminants in the Lower Great Lakes. M. Comba, J.L. Metcalfe-Smith and K.L.E. Kaiser. Page 411