Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 28 Number 1

Next Issue: Vol. 28, No. 2, (1993)

Previous Issue: Vol. 27, No. 4, (1992)

Foreword. P.M. Huang. Page viii

An Overview of Dynamics and Biotoxicity of Metals in the Freshwater Environment. P.M. Huang. Page 1

Hydrochemical Modeling of Metal Pate and Transport in Freshwater Environments. David A. Dzombak and M. Ashraf Ali. Page 7.

Metal Ion Immobilization by Bacterial Surfaces in Freshwater Environments. Susanne Schultze-Lam Joel B. Thompson, and Terry J. Beveridge. Page 51.

Chemical Composition and Metal Speciation in Porewaters from the Upper Qu'Appelle River Basin, Saskatchewan. Richard E. Farrell, Jae E. Yang, P. Ming Huang, and Wen K. Liaw. Page 83

Effects of Speciation of Toxic Metals on their Biological Activity. Donn J. Kushner. Page 111

Algal Bioassays for Metal Toxicity Identification. Hans G. Peterson and Niels Nyholm. Page 129

Detection of Metal Toxicity Using Natural Phytoplankton as Test Organisms in the Great Lakes. Mohiddin Munawari and Milos Legner. Page 155

Effects of Environmental Factors and Primary Production on the Distribution and Methylation of Mercury in a Chain of Highly Eutrophic Riverine Lakes. Togwell A. Jackson. Page 177

Bioenergetic Simulations of Mercury Uptake and Retention in Walleye (Stizostedion vitreum) and Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens). R.C. Harris and W.J. Snodgrass. Page 217

Bioconcentration of Cadmium in Aquatic Invertebrates: Geochemical, Physiological and Behavioural Influences. R. Douglas Evans and David G. Lasenby. Page 237

Increase in Metallothionein in Freshwater Mussels Anodonta grandis grandis Exposed to Cadmium in the Laboratory and the Field. D.F. Malley, J.F. Klaverkamp, S.B. Brown, and P.S.S. Chang. Page 253