Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 27 Number 1

Next Issue: Vol. 27, No. 2, (1992)

Previous Issue: Vol. 26, No. 4, (1991)

An Introduction to Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) for Destruction of Organics in Wastewater. J.H. Carey. Page 1

Chemical Models of Advanced Oxidation Processes. William H. Glaze, Fernando Beltran, Tuula Tuhkanen and Joon-Wun Kang. Page 23

Guidelines for the Selection of a Chemical Model for Advanced Oxidation Processes. Gary R. Peyton. Page 43

Destruction of Pollutants and Microorganisms in Water by UV Light and Hydrogen Peroxide. D.W. Sundstrom, B.A. Weird, T.A. Barber and H.E. Klei. Page 57

High Energy Electron Beam Irradiation: An Advanced Oxidation Process for the Treatment of Aqueous Based Organic Hazardous Wastes. William J. Cooper, Michael G. Nickelsen, David E. Meacham, Thomas D. Waite and Charles N. Kurucz. Page 69

Degradation of Nitrobenzene and Nitrophenols in Homogeneous Aqueous Solution. Direct Photolysis versus Photolysis in the Presence of Hydrogen Peroxide and the Fenton Reagent. Ewa Lipczynska-Kochany. Page 97

Photochemical Degradation of Organics in Water. P. L. Yue and O. Legrini. Page 123

UV/Oxidation of Organic Contaminants in Ground, Waste and Leachate Waters. Jack D. Zeff and Jerome T. Barich. Page 139

Rayox® — A Second Generation Enhanced Oxidation Process for Process and Groundwater Remediation. Stephen R. Cater, Keith G. Bircher, R.D. Samuel Stevens and Ali Safarzadeh-Amiri. Page 151

Advanced Chemical Oxidation of Organics Using the perox-pure™ Oxidation System. Emery M. Froelich. Page 169

Trihalomethane Formation Potential and Disinfection. C.R. Erland Jansson. Page 185

Photopromoted TiO2-Catalyzed Oxidative Decomposition of Organic Pollutants in Water and in the Vapor Phase. Norman N. Lichtin, Junchang Dong and K.M. Vijayakumar. Page 203