Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 24 Number 1

Next Issue: Vol. 24, No. 2, (1989)

Previous Issue: Vol. 23, No. 4, (1988)

Editorial: Changes, Changes, Changes. Jan Barica and Dave Chapman. Page i

Distribution of Mercury in Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River Sediments. Alena Mudroch and K. Hill. Page 1

A Comparison of PCB Congener Distributions in Two Point-Source Contaminated Lakes and One Uncontaminated Lake in Ontario. C. R. Macdonald and C. D. Metcalfe. Page 23

Teratogens in the Niagara River Watershed as Reflected by Chironomid (Diptera: Chironomidae) Labial Plate Deformities. Mike Dickman, Que Lan and Brett Matthews. Page 47

Contamination Hazard from Waste Disposal Sites near Receding Great Lakes Shorelines. J.P. Coakley. Page 81

Accumulation of Trace Metals in Three Species of Fish from Lakes in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (Canada): Influence of pH and Other Chemical Parameters. R.H. Peterson, A. Sreedharan and S. Ray. Page 101

Fate of selected volatile organic substances in aqueous environment. Glen R. Chodola, Nihar Biswas, Jatinder K. Bewtra Carl C. St. Pierre and Richard G. Zytner. Page 119

Mixing Characteristics of the Niagara River Plume in Lake Ontario. C. R. Murthy and K. C. Miners. Page 143

Évaluation de la vulnérabilité des eaux souterraines à la contamination par les pesticides. Une application du logiciel VULPEST dans la région de Portneuf (Québec, Canada). O. Banton, P. Lafrance et J. -P. Villeneuve. Page 163

The Application of Chemically Modified Fused Silica Fibers in the Extraction of Organics from Water Matrix Samples and their Rapid Transfer to Capillary Columns. Robert P. Belardi and Janusz B. Pawliszyn. Page 179