Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 22 Number 1

Next Issue: Vol. 22, No. 2, (1987)

Previous Issue: Vol. 21, No. 4, (1986)

A Review of Processes Affecting the Fate of Contaminants in Groundwater. R.E. Jackson and E. Hoehn. Page 1

A Review of Remedial Measures for Groundwater Pollution in Canada. J.W. Schmidt. Page 21

Volatile Aromatic and Chlorinated Organic Contaminants in Groundwater at Six Ontario Landfills. James F. Barker. Page 33

The Distribution of Volatile Organics in a Leachate Plume, Gloucester, Ontario. J.F. Devlin and Dr. W.A. Gorman. Page 49

Recommendations Concerning Materials and Pumping Systems Used in the Sampling of Groundwater Contaminated with Volatile Organics. J.F. Devlin. Page 65

Screening / Indicator Parameters for Organic Contaminants in Groundwater. Stan Feenstra. Page 73

Surface Area and Radionuclide Sorption in Contaminated Aquifers. K.J. Inch and R.W.D. Killey. Page 85

Modeling Unsaturated Zone Movement of Aldicarb Residues from Applications to Potatoes in Eastern Canada. Russell L. Jones and Tammara L. Estes. Page 99

Radiostrontium Migration from a 1953-54 Liquid Release to a Sand Aquifer. R.W.D. Killey and J.H. Munch. Page 107

Movement of Pesticides to Groundwater in an Irrigated Soil. Bert P. Krawchuk and G. R. Barrie Webster. Page 129

Laboratory Simulation of Pentachlorophenol / Phenate Behaviour in an Alluvial Aquifer. R.J. Patterson and H.M. Liebscher. Page 147

Contamination of Subsurface Waters by Road De-icing Chemicals. P.E. Pilon and K.W.F. Howard. Page 157

Migration and Fate of Aldicarb in the Sandstone Aquifer of Prince Edward Island. M.W. Priddle, R.E. Jackson, K.S. Novakowski, S. Denhoed, B.W. Graham, R.J. Patterson, D. Chaput, and D. Jardine. Page 173

Removal of Organic Micropollutants from Contaminated Groundwater by Oxidation and Stripping. L. Simovic and J.P. Jones. Page 187