Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 20 Number 1

Next Issue: Vol. 20, No. 2, (1985)

Previous Issue: Vol. 19, No. 2, (1984)

The Impact of Mining and Smelting on Trace Metal Distribution in Lake Sediments Around Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. Nabil M. Arafat. Page 1

A Comparison of Two Indices of Diatom Inferred pH. M. Dickman, P. Hayes and J. Fortescue. Page 9

Anaerobic Treatment of High Strength Acidic Organic Wastewaters Utilizing the Upflow Sludge Blanket Treatment Process. M. Trudell, L. van den Berg and N. Kosaric. Page 25

The Application of Sequencing Batch Treatment to an Industrial Wastewater. A. Décréon, N. Thérien and J.P. Jones. Page 42

Fulvic Acid Removal by Aluminum Salts in the Presence and Absence of a Nonionic Polymer. Evangelos Diamadopoulos and Donald R. Woods. Page 54

Distribution of Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs between Aqueous and Suspended Sediment Phases in the Lower Great Lakes Region. Robert C. McCrea, John D. Fischer and Kenneth W. Kuntz. Page 67

Use of Laboratory Studies in Assessing the Behaviour of Contaminants in Fish Inhibiting Natural Ecosystems. A.J. Niimi. Page 79

Chemistry of Bulk Precipitation in Halifax and its Effects on Chain and Chocolate Lakes. Ramalingaigh Dhandapani Thirumurthi and William C. Hart. Page 89

Seasonal Variations of 2, 4-D in Buckhorn Lake. E. Nagy and D.S. Painter. Page 106

Feasibility of Polysulfide Detoxification of Concentrated Wastewater. P.T. Takaoka and J.J. Ganczarczyk. Page 118

The Effectiveness of the Electrochemical Recovery of Cadmium from Metal Plating Rinsewater. D.T. Vachon, W. Bissett, B.A. Calver and G.C. Dickson. Page 129

Nitrogen Removal from Anaerobically Treated Leachate. D. Prasad, J.G. Henry and P. Elefsiniotis. Page 138