Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 19 Number 1

Next Issue: Vol. 19, No. 2, (1984)

Previous Issue: Vol. 18 (1983)

Comparison of the Characteristics of an Acidic Eutrophic, and an Acidic Oligotrophic Lake Near Halifax, Nova Scotia. J. Kerekes, B. Freedman, G. Howell and P. Clifford. Page 1

Aluminum Speciation and Movement in Three Small Watersheds in the Southern Laurentians. V.H. Hendershot, H. Lalone and A. Dufresne. Page 11

Particle Size Effects on Concentration of Metals in Lake Erie Bottom Sediments. Alena Mudroch. Page 27

Tributary Effects on the Mainstream Suspended Sediment Chemistry. Edwin D. Ongley and Diane P. Blachford. Page 37

Distribution and Pathways of Some Chlorinated Benzenes in the Niagara River and Lake Ontario. Barry G. Oliver. Page 47

The Fate of 3-Trifluoromethyl-4-Nitrophenol (TFM) in Quiescent Waters and Its Impact on Benthos. Brian F. Scott, John H. Carey, Elmer Nagy and Ronald Dermott. Page 59

Neutralisation and Clean-Up of a 3,600 Tonnes Sulphuric Acid Spill. L.J. Moulins and D.G. Pannell. Page 67

Nitrogen Removal from Anaerobically-Treated Leachate. D. Prasad, J.G. Henry and P. Elefsiniotis. Page 87

Triated Water Uptake and Desorption Kinetics in a Primary Producer: Chlorella Pyrenoidosa. Thomas G. Dunstall. Page 101

Identification of Taste and Odour Compounds from Western Lake Ontario. B.G. Brownlee, D.S. Painter and R.J. Boone. Page 111

Evaluation of Drinking Water Treatment Alternatives for Taste and Odour Reduction. N. Fok, P.M. Huck, G.S. Walker and D.W. Smith. Page 119