Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 17

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Application of a Dispersion Model to Oil-Based Pollutants in the Strait of Canso, Nova Scotia [Technical Note]. T. Aytimur, B.H. Chen and A.F. McMillan. Page 1

An Experimental Investigation into the Induced Air Floatation of Fine Oil in Water Emulsions. Leo A. Behie, Cornelius J.M. Van Ham and Dimitrios Berk. Page 7

Adsorption of Trihalomethanes in Pilot Scale GAC Columns. D.E. Forsyth, L. Gammie, Xu Bing-Song and P.M. Huck. Page 23

Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Anaerobic Filter: Part I: Laboratory Studies. J.G. Henry, D. Prasad, R. Sidhwa and M. Hilgerdenaar. Page 37

Nitrogen Mineralization in Soils Treated with Sewage Sludge and Sawdust. P.H. Jones and C. Dalgity. Page 47

Potato Processing Wastewater Treatment at Relatively High Loading Rates Using a Unified Anaerobic Fermenter-Filter. R.C. Landine, G.J. Brown, A.A. Cocci and T. Viraraghavan. Page 63

Removal of Arsenic from Rural Water Supplies. Gerald D. Lutwick. Page 75

Production of Livestock Feed by Ensilage of Waste Activated Sludge. H.D. Monteith, J.W. Pike, A.R. Stickney and R.J. Rush. Page 83

Investigation of the Love Canal Area of the Niagara River for the Presence of Unknown Organic Contaminants. F.I. Onuska and K.A. Terry. Page 103

The Calibration and Evaluation of Dissolved Oxygen Sensors in an Activated Sludge Plant. G. Speirs, D. Chapman, E. Luxon and J. Matthews. Page 117

Treatment of a Municipal Leachate Under Multi-Variable Conditions. P.T. Wong and D.S. Mavinic. Page 135

Potential Effects of Metals on Benthic Organisms After Liming Acid Stressed Lake. C.D. Wren (Technical Note). C.D. Wren. Page 149

Acute Toxicity, Kinetics and Metabolism of Aminocarb in the Brown Bullhead [Ictalurus nebulosus]. G. Mark Richardson and S.U. Qadri. Page 153