Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 16

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Previous Issue: Vol. 15, No. 2, (1981)

Étude limnologique du bassin versant du Lac Saint-Jean (Québec, Canada): considérations sur un système physique hétérogène. P. Couture et S.A. Visser. Page 1

Role of Psychrotrophic Bacteria in the Degradation of Waste Activated Sludge. J.G. Henry and D. Prasad. Page 15

Some Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Three-Phased Fluidized Beds. S.W. Hermanowicz and J.J. Ganczarczyk. Page 23

UV Disinfection of Tertiary and Secondary Effluents. K.W.A. Ho and P. Bohm. Page 33

The Influence of Benthic Biota on Copper Speciation and Distribution in Freshwater-Sediment Systems. G. Krantzberg and P.M. Stokes. Page 45

The Fugacity Approach for Calculating Near-Source Toxic Substance Concentrations and Partitioning in Lakes. Donald Mackay and Sally Paterson. Page 59

Deep Shaft High Rate Aerobic Digestion: Laboratory and Pilot Plant Performance. F. Tran and D. Gannon. Page 71

Effect of Spent Sulfite Liquor on Growth and Ethanol Fermentation Efficiency of Saccharomyces Ellipsoideus. N. Kosaric, K.K. Ho and Z. Duvnjak. Page 91