Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 14

Next Issue: Vol. 15, No. 1, (1979)

Previous Issue: Vol. 13 (1979)

Water Pollution Research in Canada - The Future. Philip H. Jones. Page iii

Field Observations of Tracer Dispersion Under Natural Flow Conditions in an Unconfined Sandy Aquifer. E.A. Sudicky and J.A. Cherry. Page 1

Process Development for the Removal of Radium-226 from Uranium Mining and Milling Effluents. P.M. Huck, P. Wilkinson and D.W. Averill. Page 19

Comparison of Methods and Concepts Used in Assessing the Extent of Water Pollution in a Canadian Shield Lake. J.W. Moore, D.J. Sutherland and V.A. Beaubien. Page 35

Sewage Disposal and Viral Pollution of the Ottawa River. S.A. Sattar, V.S. Springthorpe and S. Ramia. Page 45

Improvement of Clarifier Performance. J.F. Cordoba-Molina, R.R. Hudgins and P.L. Silveston. Page 63

Investigation of the Contribution of Natural Organic Runoff to Dissolved Oxygen Depletion in the Red Deer River. S.E. Penttinen, P.H. Bouthillier and S.E. Hrudey. Page 71

Nappes d'huile: pr├ędiction de leurs d├ęplacements comme agent efficace d'un plan de mesure d'urgence. B. Coupal et M. de Broissia. Page 89