Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 13

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Introduction. Page I

Detergent Phosphorus Legislation: A Technical Appraisal of its Effectiveness. R.A. Budd and P.H. Jones. Page 1

Catalytic Wet Oxidation of Phenolic Solutions. G. Doreau and E. Chornet. Page 21

The Airborne Transmission of Organisms Emitted from Wastewater Treatment Processes. G.V. Crawford Gore and P.H. Jones. Page 33

The Freshwater Clam (Elliptio Complanata), A Practical Tool for Monitoring Water Quality. C.A. Curry. Page 45

Field Evidence of Denitrification in Shallow Groundwater Flow Systems. R.W. Gillham and J.A. Cherry. Page 53

Small-Scale Variations in Precipitation Loading Near Dorset, Ontario. D.S. Jeffries, W.R. Snyder, W.A. Scheider, M. Kirby. Page 73

Effects of Benzene, a Water Soluble Component of Crude Oils, on Membrane Integrity and Ionic Content of the Green Algae Ankistrodesmus Falcatus var. Mirabilis. P. B. Kauss and T. C. Hutchinson. Page 85

Simulation of Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems. P.T. Lam, G.J. Farquhar, E.A. McBean. Page 97

Identification of Groundwater Discharge Zones in a Reach of Hillman Creek in Southern Ontario. David Robert Lee and H.B.N. Hynes. Page 121

Mixing Efficiencies in Full-Scale Anaerobic Digesters by Tracer Methods. H.D. Monteith and J.P. Stephenson. Page 135

Removal of Trace Heavy Metals from Sewage Using the Lime-Magnesium Process. W.K. Oldham and B.H. MacLean. Page 149

Modeling Nitrate Transport in a Small Upland Stream. W.N. Stammers, J.B. Robinson, H.R. Whiteley, N. Kaushik and P. Sain. Page 161

Fecal Sterols: Their Distribution in Water and Resultant Significance. K.D. Switzer-Howse and B.J. Dutka. Page 175

Improving the Performance of the Activated Sludge Process: A Time Controlled Flow Equalisation Basin. N. Thérien, B. Marcos and G. Muratet. Page 183