Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 12

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Introduction. Page I

Author Index. Page II

Model for Selection of Stormwater Control Alternatives. R. Bedrosyan and J. Ganczarczyk. Page 1

A Standard Primary Toxicity Bioassay Using Daphnia Magna as a Test Species. L.A. Behie, J.E. Zajic, D. Berk, R.J.P. Brouzes and V.A. Naish. Page 27

Contribution à la rationalisation du réseau qualité de l'eau de la Baie James. B. Bobée, D. Cluis, A. Tessier. Page 51

Experimental Studies of Sedimentation Basin Dynamics. J.F. Cordoba-Molina, P.L. Silveston and R. R. Hudgins. Page 77

Méthylation du plomb en milieu aquatique. J.-P. Dumas, LeRoy Pazdernik, S. Belloncik, D. Bouchard, G. Vaillancourt. Page 91

Formulation and Testing of a New Water Quality Index. B. Ibbotson and B.J. Adams. Page 101

Relationships Between Soluble and Sediment Nutrient Losses, Land Use and Types of Soil in Agricultural Watersheds. G.H. Neilsen and A.F. Mackenzie. Page 121

Utilization of Oxygen Models in Environmental Impact Analysis. W.J. Snodgrass and M.F. Holloran. Page 135

Sediment-Water Interchange of Copper and Nickel in Experimental Aquaria. P.M. Stokes and A.M. Szokalo. Page 157

Chemosensory Bioassay of Toxicity of Lake Waters Contaminated with Heavy Metals from Mining Effluents. B.E. Thompson and T.J. Hara. Page 179

The Effect of Metallic and Ionic Species on the Performance of a Biological Effluent Treatment System. B. Volesky, Q. Samak and P. Waller. Page 191

Chemical and Biological Changes in Nelson Lake, Ontario Following Experimental Elevation of Lake pH. N.D. Yan, W.A. Scheider and P.J. Dillon. Page 213

The Numerical Analysis of Contaminant Migration from Sanitary Landfill Sites. J.F. Sykes and A.J. Crutcher. Page 233