Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 10

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Introduction. Page I

Stormwater Storage in Residential Subdivisions. P.A. Ahern and J.G. Henry. Page 1

The Effects of Thermal Pollution on the Egg Survival of Lake Whitefish (Coregonus Clupeaformis [Mitchill]). Gary R. Ash. Page 9

Polyelectrolytes in Wastewater Treatment the Settleability of Iron Precipitated Phosphorus Flocs. J.J. Bancsi and A. Benedek. Page 17

Residual Organics From Bio-Oxidation and Activated Carbon Adsorption of Domestic Wastewater. M-C. Bertrandy, K.L. Murphy and A. Benedek. Page 28

Impact of Dursban and Abate on Microbial Numbers and Some Chemical Properties of Standing Ponds. J. Butcher, M. Boyer and CD. Fowle. Page 33

Dewatering Base Metal Mine Drainage Sludge. H. Campbell and B.P. LeClair. Page 42

A Comparison Between the Effects of Sporadic and Continuous Loading From Sulphite Paper Mills on Attached Algae in the Ottawa River Near Ottawa, Canada. Mike Dickman. Page 65

The Role of Temperature and Heterotrophism in Determining Crude Oil Toxicity. J.E.S. Graham and T.C. Hutchison. Page 73

Biological Consequences in Streams of Aerial Spraying with Fenitrothion Against Spruce Budworm in New Brunswick. H.A. Hall, D.C. Eidt, P.E.K. Symons and D. Banks. Page 84

Temperature Coefficients for Biological Processes. J. Glynn Henry. Page 89

Removal of Residual Nutrients and Chemical Additives From Secondary Sewage by Reverse osmosis. H. Kirk Johnston and H.S. Lim. Page 101

A Quantitative Study of Nitrogen Loss From Water of a Small, Spring-Fed Stream. N.K. Kaushik, J.B. Robinson, P. Sain, H.R. Whiteley and W. Stammers. Page 110

The Effects of Chronic Cyanide Poisoning on the Tolerance of Rainbow Trout to Varying Salinity. GĂ©rard Leduc and Kenneth K.S. Chan. Page 118

Correction Factor For Anthrone Carbohydrate in Coloured Wastewater Samples. A. Leduy, N. Kosaric and J.E. Zajic. Page 126

A Mathematical Model of Evaporation and Dissolution From Oil Spills on Ice, Land, Water and Under Ice. P.J. Leinonen and D. Mackay. Page 132

Non-Point Source Contributions to Water Quality Problems. E.A. McBean and J.E. Gorrie. Page 142

Colour and Heavy Metal Removal From Dyebath Effluents by Lime Precipitation. A. Netzer and S. Beszedits. Page 151

Effect of Wheat Starch Plant Waste on Biological Treatment of Domestic Wastewater. R.G. Rosehart, R. Chu, and R. Breeze. Page 164

Fish Size as a Quantitative Function of Tolerance to Heavy Metals. P. Spear and P.D. Anderson. Page 170

Biological and Physical-Chemical Treatment of Leachate From Sanitary Landfills. G.S. Spencer and G.J. Farquhar. Page 180

Removal of Soluble Phosphates From Water. Chia-Su Wan and Maurice Adelman. Page 193

Electrolysis of Wastewater - A Laboratory Study. N.S. Wei and G.W. Heinke. Page 214

Computer Simulation of P Removal From Wastewater Using Lime. J.P. Witteman and J.R. Kramer. Page 224