Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 8

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Introduction. Page i

Author Index. Page ii

Determination of the Size Distribution of Dissolved Organics in Effluents. L.A. Addie, K.L. Murphy and J.L. Robertson. Page 1

A Study of Pollution Loadings From Urban Runoff. James P. Hartt. Page 16

A Performance Study of Aerobic Sludge Digestion. K.S. Hogg and J. Ganczarczyk. Page 26

Disposal of Alum Sludge to the Existing Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant. Deh Yuan Hsu. Page 36

Comparative Studies of the Toxicity of Heavy Metals to Phytoplankton and Their Synergistic Interactions. T.C. Hutchinson. Page 68

Anaerobic Digestion of Primary Sludge Containing Iron Phosphate. M.E. Jack, G.J, Farquhar and G.M. Cornwall. Page 91

Removal of Trace Metals From Wastewater by Activated Carbon. A. Netzer and J.D. Norman. Page 110

The Effects of Aluminum Sludge From Water Purification on Municipal Primary Sewage Treatment. J. D. O'Blenis and T.R. Warriner. Page 122

Removal of Phenol in Wastewater by Wet Air Oxidation. B.B. Pruden and D.R. Ferguson. Page 148

Boundary Effects on Dilution of Buoyant Jets. James J. Sharp and Chung-su-Wang. Page 168

Heavy Metal Tolerance in Algae Isolation from Polluted Lakes Near the Sudbury, Ontario Smelters. P.M. Stokes, T.C. Hutchinson and K. Krauter. Page 178

Phosphorus Leaching from Sewage Sludge Used as Landfill. P.K. Wadehra and M. Adelman. Page 202

Wet Air Oxidation of Low Molecular Weight Organic Acids. P.E.L. Williams, D.C. Day, R.R. Hudgins and P.L. Silveston. Page 224

Symposium Attendees. Page 237