Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 7

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Introduction. Page i

Author Index. Page ii

Wastewater Treatment With Activated Carbon. A. Benedek. Page 1

Control of Bulking in an Extended Aeration Sewage Treatment Plant. D.D.P. Cane and G.J. Farguhar. Page 13

Kinetic Study of an Industrial Waste Containing a Non-Biodegradable Fraction. E. Davis and G. Goos. Page 21

Water Supply and Waste Disposal for Arctic Communities - A Case Study of Frobisker Bay. G.W. Heinke and E. Deans. Page 31

Variation in Cell Yield. J. Glynn Henry and Philip H. Jones. Page 38

The Phytotoxicity of Crude Oil Spills in Freshwater. T.C. Hutchinson, P. Kauss and Marta Griffiths. Page 52

Cadmium and Zinc Toxicity and Synergism to Floating Aquatic Plants. T.C. Hutchinson and Halina Czyrska. Page 59

An in Situ Electron Microscope Study of Cellulolytic Bacteria in River Sediments. G.G. Leppard, M. Gochnauer and D.J. Kushner. Page 66

Removal of Trace Metals From Wastewater by Ozonation. A. Netzer, J.D. Norman and G.A. Vigers. Page 71

Effect of SO2 Removal on the Biodegradability of Arbiso Spent Sulphite Liquor. K.S. Ng, J.E. Jajic, D.F. Manchester and Y.K. Ng. Page 77

Factors that Influence Variations in the Composition of Urban Surface Runoff. D.H. Waller. Page 84