Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 6

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Introduction. Page iii

Activated Carbon from Wastes. R.A. Gallop, P.E. Cansfield, M. Vlaovic, A. Hydamaka and R. Rastogi. Page 1

The Environmental and Hygienic Safety of Nitrilotriacetate (NTA). F.G. Flynn and P.H. Jones. Page 13

Conversion of Industrial Wastes to Produce Useful Bio-Organics. F.G. Peacock and O.T. Page. Page 38

Problems in Detoxifying Fresh Waters Polluted by Base Metal Minewaters. V. Kresta and G.B. Ward. Page 53

Residual Organics Following Biological Treatment. K.L. Murphy, M.J. Sedivy and G.A. Vigers. Page 80

Phosphorus Balance: Field Studies of Two Sewage Treatment Plants. J.E. Radley and G.W. Heinke. Page 96

A Performance Analysis of an Activated Sludge Treatment Plant. D.F. Carr and J. Ganczarczyk. Page 115

A Technique for the Mathematical Modelling of Mixing in Natural Streams. R.C. Hudspith and J.D. Norman. Page 145

Filterability of Lime-Iron Sludges Generated in the Chemical Precipitation of Phosphorus from Treated Sewage. G.W. Scott and G.M. Cornwall. Page 160

Deep Bed Pressure Filtration of Hot Strip Mill Effluent at Interlake Steel. O. Skorzewski. Page 178

A Study of Pollutional Loadings from Urban Storm Runoff. R.G. Warnock. Page 186

Long-Term Oxygen Uptake. R.C. Landine. Page 201

Oxygen Transfer Efficiency in Counter- and Co-Current Air-Water Flow. D.S. Mavinic and J.K. Bewtra. Page 229

Frequency - Response Approach to Modelling Continuous Reactors. P.B. Melynk, J.D. Norman and A.W. Wilson. Page 249