Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 5

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Electronic Particle Sizing as a Means of Measuring Production in a Eutrophic Lake. Gordon G.C. Robinson and Dennis J. Brown. Page 1

Nuclear Activation Techniques for Heavy Metal Pollutants. R.E. Jervis, (Mrs.) B. Tiefenbach, W. LePage, and J-L Debrun. Page 9

Behaviour of Mechanically Blended Return-Sludge in Absence of Substrate. Shyam D. Bokil and Jatinder K. Bewtra. Page 34

Chemical and Bacteriological Studies of the Speed River System. D.N. Patel and R.A. Johnston. Page 55

Chemical Neutralization of Alkaline Wastewater During Activated Sludge Treatment. Jerzy Ganczerczyk. Page 80

Iron Phosphate and Anaerobic Digestion. A. Grikis and G.M. Cornwall. Page 102

A Stochastic Model for Primary Settlers. D.P. Singh, A.W. Bryson, Jr., and P.L. Silveston. Page 129

Land Use - Nutrient Level Relationships on Two Southern Ontario Watersheds. R.D. Terry and S.E. Salbach. Page 171