Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 4

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Reduction of Nitrogen from Existing Activated Sludge Plant - A Case Study. A.L. Atkinson & P.H. Jones. Page 1

Microbial Storage and Consecutive Waste Constituent Removal by Activated Sludge. K.T. Brodersen. Page 21

Fertilization of Canal Lake from Agricultural Areas. F.R. Campbell and L.R. Webber. Page 42

Characteristics of Flocculation by Polymers. Robert W. Slater. Page 52

Removal of Cyanides from Final Cooler Water on a Coke Plant. J.A. Standidge. Page 67

Virus Inactivation in Water Supplies. Ann H. Vajdic (Mrs.). Page 70

Research in Coalescence for the Treatment of Oily Wastes. Donald R. Woods and Kenneth A. Burrill. Page 83

Polybetahydroxybutyric Acid (PHB) Formation and Flocculation Properties of Zoogloea Ramigera. J.E. Zajic and Y.K. Ho. Page 117.