Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 3

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Isolation and Identification of Dowtherm A in Carp. O.W. Berg , P.L. Diosady , and G.A.V. Rees. Page 1

Biological Oxidation in Ice Covered Rivers. P.H. Bouthillier. Page 12

Effect of Waste Composition on Mechanisms of Removal by Activated Sludge. K.T. Brodersen and W.R. Drynan. Page 48

An Application of a Piezometric Network to Studies of Groundwater Contamination from a Barnyard. Robert W. Gillham and L.R. Webber. Page 67

A Study of Survival and Growth of Bacteria and Reduction of Organic Matter in Simulated Sea Water. S.K. Gorur, A.D. Tennant and C.P. Fisher. Page 83

Biodegradability of Industrial Wastes. F. Guillaume. Page 99

Some Nitrogen Removal Aspects of a Contact Stabilization Plant. P.H. Jones and A.T. Downs. Page 127

Application of Remote Sensing to Pollution Studies. Robert K. Lane. Page 155

Yeast Production Using Conventional Activated Sludge Methods for Treatment of Corn Processing Industrial Wastes. W.F. Milbury, T.W. Riedel and P.H. Jones. Page 181

Biological Reaction Rate Evaluations from Laboratory Units. J.D. Norman, H.A. McLean and J. Bennett. Page 203

Pollution Boundary Curves. Andrejs Pakalnins and M.F. Kuo. Page 230

Statistical Analysis of the Effluent Quality of Biological Sewage Treatment Processes. A.R. Townshend. Page 272