Title: Old Mill at Weston, Ontario, Near the Original Site of Trinity College School
Location: Weston (Ont.)
Date: Barrie, Weston, Toronto Period (1864-1870)
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Description: The old mill at Weston, near the site where the Reverend William Arthur Johnson founded Trinity College School in 1864. William Osler attended this school from 1866 to 1867 and counted Rev Johnson among the most influential teachers of his life. The mill is mentioned by Henry Cushing in his biography of Osler, in his description of the school.
Notes: Weston Mill (transcribed from back of photo)
"...at [Johnson's] own expense and on his own responsibility, a school known as 'Weston' was opened in a small building on the west bank of the Humber, overlooking the ruins of an old mill, traces of which still stand in the lowlands of the picturesque river valley. "The project thrived and in 1864 Johnson proposed to the governing body of Trinity University that the school come under their supervision, that it be called Trinity College School, and serve to prepare boys for Trinity University." From Harvey Cushing's "Life of Sir William Osler" (1925), vol. 1, p. 28.
Subject Weston (Ont.)
Subject Mills and mill-work
Subject Humber River Valley (Ont.)
Publisher: Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University
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