Title: Interior of Trinity Anglican Church, with Pews and Altar
Location: Bond Head (Ont.)
Date: 1934
Bond Head and Dundas Period (1849-1864)
Creator: Mitchell, Charles A.
Physical Description: image.photograph.black and white
6.2 x 8.8 cm including borders
5.6 x 8.3 cm excluding borders
Image Number: CUS_031-005_P
Description: A view of the nave, with pews, of Trinity Anglican Church in Bond Head, Ontario, where William Osler's father, Featherstone Lake Osler, was minister. The church's altar is also shown. This photo was taken by Dr. Charles A. Mitchell in 1934.
Notes: Church of Bond Head by C.A. Mitchell, 1934 (transcribed from back of photo)
"This photograph was taken from the rear of the church. A point of interest is the seats or benches. These, I believe, were constructed at Holland Landing, Ont., considered in those days a distant town. Due to the primitive methods of transportation, it was a task, no doubt, to remove the benches from the place of manufacture to the church. You will note that the ...seat has no back, save for one slender piece of wood which serves the double purpose of holding the bench rigid and prevents the worshipper from falling backwards. I was told by the present Clergyman that the latter purpose is not always served in the case of children, and it is not uncommon to have the service disturbed by a child tumbling backwards. Perhaps the future Sir William interrupted one of his father's sermons by one of these somersaults." (transcribed from letter by Dr. Charles A. Mitchell)
Subject Trinity Church (Bond Head, Ont.)
Subject Naves
Subject Altars
Subject Bond Head (Ont.)
Subject Tecumseth (Ont. : Township)
Publisher: Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University
is Part Of: Cushing Collection
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