December 28, 1813                          (958)                     28 Décembre, 1813   

WHEREAS, the Co-Partnership heretofore subsisting between William McGillivray, William Hallowell Roderick McKenzie, Angus Shaw, Archibald Norman McLeod and James Hollowell, junior, of Montreal, in the Province of Lower-Canada, and Simon McGillivray of the City of London, under the Firm of McMavish, McGillivrays and Company, ceased, and expired on the Thirtieth day of November last, according to the articles of Co-partnership; PUBLIC NOTICE is herby given, that the concern and business, formerly carried on by the above mentioned house, will henceforth be transacted by the said William McGillivray, the said Archibald Norman McLeod, the said Simon McGillivray, and John McTavish, under the former firm of
Montreal, 1st December, 1813.