Corporate Reports
Corporate Reports

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Company Name: MacLean-Hunter Publishing Company Ltd.
Note: MacLean-Hunter Publishing Company Ltd. was incorporated in Ontario in 1891. The company’s name changed to Maclean-Hunter Limited in 1968. Maclean-Hunter Limited’s name changed to Maclean Hunter Limited in 1981. Maclean Hunter Limited was acquired by Rogers Communications Inc. in 1994.
Incorporated: 1891
SEDAR: Current reports for this company are available in SEDAR
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 2831 Book Publishing Industry
2841 Newspaper, Magazine and Periodical (Combined Publishing and Printing) Industry
1975 (7MB)197619771978
1979 (48.5MB)1980 (25.2MB)19811982 (25.4MB)
1983 (31.3MB)1984 (19.5MB)1985 (33.2MB)1986
19871988 (21.6MB)19891990
See Also: MacLean-Hunter Cable T.V. Ltd.
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