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Corporate Reports

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Company Name: Hamilton Group Limited
Note: Hamilton Cotton Company Limited was incorporated in Canada in 1928. The company’s name changed to The Hamilton Group Limited in 1970. The company was acquired by 293887 Canada Limited, a subsidiary of General Electric Capital Canada Inc., in 1993.
Incorporated: 1928
Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Hamilton Cotton Company Limited changed its name to Hamilton Group Limited, 1970 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 1829 Other Spun Yarn and Woven Cloth Industries
197419751976 (7.5MB)1977 (7.4MB)
19781979 (8MB)1980 (7.6MB)1981 (10.8MB)
1982 (10.1MB)1983 (8.2MB)1984 (8.8MB)1985 (10.7MB)
1986 (9.1MB)1988 (8.8MB)1992 (7.1MB)
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