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Company Name: A. V. Roe Canada Ltd.
Note: A. V. Roe Canada Ltd. was incorporated in Canada in 1945. The company’s name changed to Hawker Siddeley Canada Ltd. in 1962. The name changed to Hawker Siddeley Canada Inc. in 1980. The company was acquired by Glacier Ventures International Corp. in 2001.
Incorporated: 1901
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Historic Entries:
Preceded by: Canadian Car & Foundry Co. Ltd. was acquired by A. V. Roe Canada Ltd., 1955 
Succeeded by: A. V. Roe Canada Ltd. changed its name to Hawker Siddeley Canada Ltd., 1962 
SIC Codes and Descriptions: 3261 Railroad Rolling Stock Industry
3211 Aircraft and Aircraft Parts Industry
3231 Motor Vehicle Industry
2912 Steel Foundries
See Also: Canadian Car & Foundry Co. Ltd.
Hawker Siddeley Canada Ltd.
Hawker Siddeley Canada Inc.
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