Hospital Name: Children's Memorial Hospital
Address: ave. Cedar
MUC Location: Montréal, Ville-Marie
Religious Affiliation: secular

Architect: Brown and Vallance
Ground-breaking Date: June, 1907
Completion Date: 1909 ~(see
Incorporation Date: May 11, 1905
1. Plans were made and money received to construct two cottages in 1909: the Arnott cottage, with a capacity of 10 beds, and the Caverhill cottage, with a capacity of 16 beds.
2. The Weir Corridor was built in 1911, joining the Arnott cottage to the main building. This functioned as an isolation unit ~(Scriver, p.47)
3. An infant's ward was built in 1913.
4. Construction of the School for Crippled Children began in November of 1913, and the school opened on April 15, 1916, with an enrollment of 7 students. ~(Scriver, p.54)
5. Construction of the Caverhill Outpatient Building begun in 1913, however, there were insufficient funds to complete the structure ~(Scriver, p.56). Construction was resumed in 1919 after a large donation was made by Mr. James Carruthers. The plans were redesigned, and the wing renamed the James Carruthers Wing. The Caverhill donation was then used to construct a cottage which served as a sorely needed nurses home, called the Caverhill Memorial ~(Scriver, p.67-8).
6. A new wing was built in 1930 in the main building, with a new entrance and the Forbes Memorial Tower (Scriver, p.83).
7. In 1945 the outpatient clinic moved to the building on St. Antoine street, which was remodeled to suit the needs of theoutpatient service (Scriver, p.118).
Renovation Architect: 5.Brown and Vallance and Company
Organizing Institution: Dr. Alexander Mackenzie Forbes was the founder of the hospital.
Floors: 4
Contractor: The contractor was John Stewart and Company.
Material: The hospital was constructed with scotch fire brick.
Construction Notes: Construction began on June 15, 1908.
General Notes: The Montreal Foundling and Baby Hospital approached the Children's Memorial for an amalgamation in 1932, which was accepted and completed in 1933 ~(Scriver, p.98).
In 1940 the Children's Memorial amalgamated with the Montreal Children's or Vipond Hospital ~(Scriver, p.100).
Bibliography: Scriver, Jessie Boyd.The Montreal Children's Hospital, Years of Growth. Montreal: McGill-Queen's Press, 1979.

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Affiliated Buildings:
Montreal Children's Hospital (1956-present)
Montreal Children's or Vipond Hospital