This project was produced by the Blackader Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art, McGill University in collaboration with the Digital Collections Program, McGill University
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Project Leader and Conceptual Design — James Clark
Research Team —
    Amanda Cooke
    Sameer Farooq
    Andrew Sinclair
    Rebecca Weinfeld

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Programmers - Marwan Al-Sabbagh and Waqqas Khokhar
Editor — Bozena Latincic, Library Assistant, Blackader Lauterman Library
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Professor Annmarie Adams, McGill University School of Architecture

Rhona Richman-Kenneally, McGill University School of Architecture

Daniella Rohan, Assistant Curator, Canadian Architecture Collection

David Theodore, McGill University School of Architecture

Nadia Meratla, McGill University School of Architecture

McGill University Archives

Elizabeth Krug, Project Officer, Canada's Digital Collections, Industry Canada

Irena Murray, Chief Curator, Rare Books and Special Collections Division, McGill University for advice and constant support.

Johanne Pelletier, McGill University Archives — With appreciation for permission to present images never before publicly published.

The hospitals of Montreal who offered information, drawings,and plans, who gave so generously of their time and were so enthusiastic about the project.

The Royal Victoria Hospital — Gilles Parent, Planning Department
Paul Diver, Planning Department
Chantale Beauregard, Communications Department
Dr. Martin Entin
Catherine Booth Hospital — Major Joanne Davison

Centre Hospitalier Angrignon — Paul Perrault, Technical Director
Joanne Lanctôt, Material Resources

Douglas Hospital — Ron Sehn, eng., Buildings Coordinator
Alexandra Court, Information Department
Jean-Michel Laberge, Information Department

Hôpital Chinois de Montréal — Anthony Shao, Director

L'Hôtel-Dieu — Soeur Nicole Bussières
Charles Meunier, Director General of Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal

Montreal Chest Hospital — Joan Dutson

Montreal General Hospital — Herb Berkowitz, Hospital Historian
Ron Evans, Architect, McGill University Health Centre Planning Department
Gillian Ross MacCormack, Material Resources

Hôpital Marie Clarac — Pierre Pellerin, eng., Technical Director

Hôpital Rivière-des-Praries — Pascal Daigneault, Technical Director

Hôpital Sacré-Coeur — Étienne St.-Andre

Communauté Urbaine de Montréal — Louis-Alain Ferron

Mr. Gilles Larose, Larose Petrucci & Associates

Mr. Allan Orton; Nicolaidis, Fukushima, Orton & Emmanuel.

Canadian Centre for Architecture Library, Reference Librarians

Dinu Bumbaru, Heritage Montreal

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