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Volume 4 (1991)

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Dedication to Dr. Samuel O. Freedman. Eric Ormsby. Page 4

Greenland Adventure: 1935, Diary of a very young man, age 20. M.J. Dunbar. Page 7

A Collection of Qur'anic Codices. Adam Gacek. Page 35

Venice and Crete: Documents from the XVIth to XVIIIth Centuries. Dionysios Hatzopoulos. Page 55

My Dear Eve... The Letters of Ernest Rutherford to Arthur Eve Part III, 1912-1914. Montague Cohen. Page 69

The McGill University Collection of Greek and Roman Coins: New Evidence for its History. Richard Virr, Barbara Lawson, G. Michael Woloch and Franziska E. Shlosser. Page 109

Under the Banner of the Book: the Work of Karel Teige. Irena Zantovska Murray. Page 125

Human Rights inside the United Nations: The Humphrey Diaries, 1948-1959. A.J. Hobbins. Page 143

Notes and Comments. Page 175

Early Children'sBooks in the McGill University Libraries. Marilyn Cohen and Jacqueline Reid-Walsh. Page 175

A Portrait of Mary Todd Ferrier. Conrad E. W. Graham. Page 179

Recent Additions to the David Hume Collection. Bruce Whiteman. Page 181

Moshe Safdie's Archive. Irena Murray. Page 183

Chronicle. Page 185

Peter felt his economics course coming magically to life.
Winter laid determined seige to the land... The transportation companies advertized special excursion trains up north.
The Arts Building, refurbished a number of times, was the original building of the University.
This was the proper setting for football heroics. Football field, Molson Stadium, Royal Victoria Hospital and Mount Royal.