USA Pavilion
United States of America Pavilion
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General Description:

The United States of America Pavilion was a marvel of structural design. This six level geodesic dome was the first of its kind, specially designed to create a new environment through structure. The transparent acrylic domes set inside the steel structure glistened in the day and glowed from interior lighting at night. At the base of the dome was a 300 seat theatre featuring a three-screen color film about American children at play. Four multi-level exhibition platforms themed "Creative America" displayed folk art, cinema and fine art exhibits. The highest level was reached by the longest escalator ever constructed at the time. The exhibit featured full scale lunar vehicles set against a simulated lunar landscape.
Island:   Ile Ste Hélène
Lot:   B-358
Geometry:   Three-quarter space frame sphere enclosed with transparent hexagonal and pentagonal acrylic.
Materials:   Tubular steel with acrylic domes.
Dimensions:   Size: 250' diameter --- Area: volume: 6.7 million cubic feet. --- Height: 206'
Design Architect:   Fuller, R. Buckminster, 1895-1983; Sadao, Shoji; Fuller & Sadao Inc.,

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