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Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Full Record
Abbott John Grey Proton Farmer Canada GO

Adair H.P. Grey Derby Owen Sound Proprietor, book and stationery establishment GO

Adams H.P. Grey Bentinck Hanover Proprietor, flour and woollen mills Canada GO

Adams J.H. Grey Bentinck Hanover Proprietor of flour and woollen mills Canada GO

Adams Robert Grey Egremont Retired Farmer Scotland GO

Airston William Glen Grey Sarawak Farmer Scotland GO

Aitchison John Grey Sullivan Farmer Scotland GO

Akitt Michael Grey Artemesia Eugenia Proprietor, Saw mill England GO

Allan David Grey Egremont Holstein School teacher Scotland GO

Allan John Grey Egremont Farmer; General stock raiser Scotland GO

Allcock Robert Grey Collingwood Thornbury Carriage manufacturer; Justice of the Peace England GO

Allcock Thomas Grey Collingwood Farmer England GO


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