Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Which counties are included on this site?
A.  Check Primary Sources or 1880 Map of Ontario Counties.

Q.  What are the publication dates of the atlases?
A.  Check Primary Sources to find the dates for each atlas.

Q.  Why can't I locate my family in the database? I know they lived in the area at the time?
A.  We have transcribed all the available data found in each atlas. It is possible that:
    a) they did not own property;
    b) they were residents of a town;
    c) they acquired property after the publication of the atlases included in this site.

Q.  If I can’t locate my ancestors in the Canadian County Atlas Database, what is the next step?
A.  You can try several of the genealogical sites that we have linked to (Links). Or you can consult genealogical and family history resources in your local public library.


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