Water Quality Research Journal of Canada


Volume 36 Number 1

Previous Issue: Vol. 35, No. 4, (2000)

A Computer Simulation of Water Quality Change Due to Dredging of Heavy Metals Contaminated Sediments in the Old Harbour of Montreal. Antonina Degtiareva and Maria Elektorowicz. Page 1

Impact on the Fate of Toxic Contaminants in the Toronto Waterfront - Should the Toronto Main Sewage Treatment Plant Outfall Be Moved Farther Offshore? Efraim Halfon. Page 21

Removal of Taste and Odour Compounds by Conventional Granular Activated Carbon Filtration. Jeff Ridal, Brian Brownlee, Gerry McKenna and Norman Levac. Page 43

Removal of Arsenic in Drinking Water by Iron Oxide-Coated Sand and Ferrihydrite - Batch Studies. O.S. Thirunavukkarasu, T. Viraraghavan, and K. S. Subramanian. Page 55

Laboratory Investigation of Inorganic Fouling of Low Pressure UV Disinfection Lamps. M. Sheriff and R. Gehr. Page 71

Promoting the Biological Oxidation of Reduced Sulphur Compounds by pH Adjustment in a High Temperature Membrane Bioreactor Treating Kraft Pulp Mill Foul Condensate. Pierre R. Bérubé and Eric R. Hall. Page 93

Evaluation of Particle Removal at Water Treatment Plants in Nova Scotia. John D. Eisnor, Kevin C. O'Leary and Graham A. Gagnon. Page 105.

Aeration Performance of Triangular Notch Weirs at Recirculating System. Ahmet Baylar, Tamer Bagatur and Ahmet Tuna. Page 121.

Acute Toxicity of Monochloramine to Juvenile Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Walbaum) and Ceriodaphnia dubia. Anthony P. Farrell, Christopher Kennedy, Winnie Cheng and M. Anna Lemke. Page 133

Determination of the D/H Ratio in Natural Waters of Syria. A. Harfoush, Abdul W. Allaf and M. Alibrahim. Page 151

Student Awards. Page ix

Instructions for Authors/Directives aux auteurs. Page xi-xix

Directives aux auteurs. Page xvii